About Us

Welcome to the web site of PAWSI – Performing Animals Welfare Standards International

PAWSI has worked tirelessly as an honest-broker with DEFRA and others. It has pioneered training for trainers. Its recommendations for sensible regulation have been preferred by many (including apparently DEFRA).

PAWSI is emphatically NOT an apologist for poor welfare.

It is NOT being considered as a regulator for performing animals or circus, it was looked at this way but declined because it felt that it was inappropriate. For self-regulation to work the regulator should be organized by the groups being inspected and regulated – PAWSI is intended to be an honest broker, it can and does bring together people with expertise in the sector to help draft standards which a regulator can then use.

Please let us know if you find something wrong with this website. It has been updated totally, very quickly because people were choosing to misinterpret the old site and drawing incorrect conclusions. This site will get tidied up!

PAWSI is dedicated to establishing standards to protect the welfare of all animals involved in the performance. PAWSI believes that the interaction between animals and man are beneficial to the interests of both, involvement in performance and entertainment is an aspect of this.